Why Choose Us

With over two decades of experience, our experienced account specialists will work with you to deliver personalized payment processing solutions. 


Affordable Rates

Interchange Plus Pricing is the lowest cost, most transparent pricing schedule available in the merchant services industry.


Customer Service

We offer 24/7 support, giving you the peace of mind to know there’s always something ready to answer your questions. 


High Quality & Secure

Our EMV-compliant solutions protect your customers’ data while protecting you from liability.

Setting you up for success

Simple Activation Process

Once signed up with Titanium Onsite, the activation process that is required to get you up and running is quick and simple. In most cases your Account Manager will come in and get you all set up. In the event that we need to ship your equipment, your terminals you receive from us is pre-configured for you before it is shipped. We believe this should be done on our end prior to shipment to allow you to simply receive the equipment and start taking transactions. Your terminals are shipped directly to you from our corporate location, and all of the equipment has been completely pre-programmed and ready to use.

If you should happen to have existing equipment you will be using with our services, the reprogramming process is also very quick and simple. In these cases, one of our friendly and professional programming specialists will be available to assist you in the reprogramming process.

Gift Loyalty Programs

Merchants are excited about promoting their company with a personalized gift card. We have two gift card programs with the option to start with as little as 100 cards or as many as 100,000 custom cards.

Merchant Funding Programs

We offer a myriad of financing solutions that deliver working capital to merchants. With a 92% approval rate, we can find a way to put money in your bank account in as little as seven days, regardless of your credit history.

PCI Compliance

Ensuring that each of our merchants is PCI compliant is critical to protecting the data of both merchants and consumers. Because PCI is so important, we provide an in-house, turnkey solution to protect our merchants.

Retail Credit Card Processing

Titanium Payments represents the top three credit card processors in the country. We are able to integrate with almost any point of sale software and associated terminals used by the leading processors.

EMV Capable Terminals

VeriFone, Lipman and Hypercom are just a few of the national equipment providers we represent. Let us assist you in determining what processing equipment will work best for your unique business environment.

Pin Based Debit Card Processing

Titanium Payments has some of the lowest online debit rates in the country. By offering customers the ability to enter their pin number when using a debit card, our merchants are able to realize significant savings.

eCommerce / Internet Processing

 We manage eCommerce services for many of the largest Internet retailers. We are also direct providers for some of the leading payment gateways such as Paytrace, AuthorizeNet, & eProcessing Network.

RCK/Check Recovery

For ticket merchants who do not offer check guarantee and do not want to collect bad checks from valued clients, we offer check recovery that will electronically collect bad checks and give you the full face value.

Pay at the Pump Processing

Until a few short years ago most gasoline stations had one or two options for petroleum processing. We now have a petroleum program that can work with most controllers and offer processing for most fleet cards.

Check Guarantee Conversion

Checks now clear banks within hours instead of days. A check guarantee program with automatic deposit or conversion makes bad checks a thing of the past and out of state checks are just as welcome as checks from the bank next door.


Almost every time someone uses an ATM, they pay a fee. People want the convenience of getting cash at the time and place they need it and by using ATMs provided by Titanium Payments you can capitalize on those fees.

B2B/Card Not Present

We are experts at building solutions to simplify the complex world of business to business and card not present transactions. Our indiviually crafted packages not only provide a safe processing mechanism for our clients but cost effective as well.

ACH, ARC & Recurring Billing

It is better to have your hard earned money in an account instead of sitting in an account receivables file. These three products are transforming cash strapped businesses into efficient billing machines. We can show you how to transform your broken accounts receivable department into a highly efficient cash collector.